Where should I go to adopt a cat?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bridget Speiser of the Washington Humane Society discusses where to go to adopt a cat.

    Bridget Speiser: My name is Bridget I am with the Washington Humane Society in Washington, DC. We are talking about, how to adopt the perfect cat for you and your family and right now, we are going to talk about actually navigating the adoption process.

    Host: Where should I go to adopt the cat?

    Bridget Speiser: Ideally speaking it's preferable if you look for a shelter or rescue group in your area. We do certainly know that there are still pet stores that do sell pets, but we also do know that in this country we are facing a huge pet overpopulation crisis and our shelters are filled to capacity, our rescue groups are struggling to keep up with the pace of people who no longer can afford to take care of their animals.

    So really, responsibly you need to be looking at the shelters and the rescue groups first, there are plenty of pure breed animals in the shelters, there are plenty of very well mannered animals in the shelters, I would recommend that the very first when you really are deciding that you are ready for an animal is to take a look at the shelters in your area and see what you can find?