Where To Try Small Batch Spirits in St. Augustine

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Check out the St. Augustine Distillery, where you can learn about the spirit making process and have a Florida-inspired drink, housemade from start to finish.

    Janis Jones: Cheers! to the Sunshine State experience, its the first for Florida and a venture unique in the U.

    S. A distillery in a historical building crafting fine spirits made with crops from local farms, here, you can truly taste Florida.

    Phillip McDaniel: They smell the grains cooking, they actually see this spirits coming off distil, they see the barrels.

    Janis Jones: Tours of the distillery take you from farm to glass. You will see the beautifully renovated building. Te first commercial Ice Plant in the State of Florida built in 1917.

    Phillip McDaniel: We are thrilled that now 100 years after it was built we are now making the first bourbon in the State of Florida.

    Janis Jones: You will meet local farmers and learn the sustainable practices that link farm to distillery and back again, and you will taste great cocktails.

    Phillip McDaniel: The vodka is very clean, its got a little tint of molasses because its made from sugar cane and the Gin we are making now is very citrus forward.

    Janis Jones: Right like sunny Florida itself the distillery aims to entertain with a twist Phillip McDaniel: Its about education, inspiration and getting people to fall in love with what we are making here.

    Janis Jones: The spirit of Florida, now you can really drink it in at the St. Augustine Distillery. I am Janis Jones for visit Florida.