Which animals are unacceptable at co-shelters and why?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Animal welfare expert Lesa Miller describes what types of animals would not be accepted at a co-shelter, including wildlife and any domesticated animal that is out of control.

    Host: Which animals are unacceptable at co-shelters and why?

    Lesa Miller: Animals that are difficult to handle, aggressive dogs for example, would be unacceptable, it is just putting people and other animals at risk and in a volatile, chaotic, unfamiliar environment that would be even a bigger risk. So we will not be able to accept animals that come through the door that are already biting and lashing out at people. It will be a judgment call and we dont want to turn anyone away certainly, but we also need to look out for the overall safety of everyone else who is there. Wildlife will not be accepted either, so we will just have enough space for hopefully, for all the domestic pets that we have coming through.