Which Cooking Show Works Best For Your Palate?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    If you’re like us, you absolutely love food. You might even call yourself a foodie, especially when you’re sitting down on your couch drooling while top chefs battle it out in the kitchen. There are so many cooking competition shows on TV these days, but which is best suited for your palate?

    Matthew Rodrigues: You can't scan the channels on your TV without hitting a cooking competition show these days. And well I am on for it. It can be kind of confusing to narrow down which show is best for you. I am in the kitchen today with entertainment editor Maggie Pehanick to help you match a cooking show do your own palate, we are switching enough on the buzz.

    Maggie Pehanick: This is a new frontier for me Mat, I actually love it and I also love talking to POPSUGAR.

    com food editors about food, but my expertise actually relies in the cooking competitions shows.

    Matthew Rodrigus: All right! I like having you here in the kitchen. Now let's get started with our first cooking competition show. What's something that is the snackable, you know you are going to sit down, and watch one episode and all of a sudden you watch half the season, your popcorn is gone.

    Maggie Pehanick: That would be Chopped, quick fats; it is on the Food Network, currently airing season 20 and Ted Allen is the host each episode consist of three challenges and a winner is chosen at the end.

    Matthew Rodrigus: I actually loved that show, I love Amanda Freitag on that. Alright, next up what's a show for serious foodies?

    Maggie Pehanick: That would be Iron Chef America, I actually used to watch the original Japanese version, but the US one hosted by Alton Brown is definitely more palatable, the have to make an entire meal based one crazy ingredient.

    Matthew Rodrigus: Octopus milkshakes for everybody. Maggie Pehanick: That's probably been done. Matthew Rodgrigus: They get crazy on that show. Okay, that's on the Food Network. Now which cooking show is best for the drama lover?

    Maggie Pehanik: Hell's Kitchen which premiers this week on Fox, it is less of a cooking show and more of a competition to see who can get most insulted Gordon Ramsay without cry.

    Matthew Rodrigus: It's so true. So that show brings the ego down, I want a show that's going to bring my ego up.

    Maggie Pehanik: Not something you need, but I would go for Worst Cooks in America this is another Food Network show and it tries to find the absolute worst cooks in America and turn them into gourmet chefs.

    [Video]Matthew Rodrigus: Oh my god!

    Maggie Pehanik: Oh honey.

    Matthew Rodrigus: Sausage comes from sausage animal.

    Maggie Pehanik: Exactly, no that's right. Matthew Rodrigus: It's not on the farm. Okay, so finally what's the show for the classic food competition?

    Maggie Pehanik: Oh the old, Top Chefs.

    Matthew Rodrigus: Here we go.

    Maggie Pehanik: It's been through several iteration through the years and Tom Colicchio and Padma Laxmi are returning for Season 12 October 15.

    Matthew Rodrigus: It really is kind of the king of food cooking competition.

    Maggie Pehanik: It is, it is. Matthew Rodrigus: And its as fresh as a basket of strawberries from the farmer's market. Want a bite? Maggie Pehanik: No.