Who can help me if I am audited?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Goodman & Company Tax Director Art Auerbach suggests ways to get help if you are audited.

    Host: Who can help me if I am audited?

    Art Auerbach: Any licensed CPA who deals in taxes should be able to help you. There are law firms that specialize in this, any enrolled agent can help you. So anybody who deals specifically in taxes can assist you. If you have difficulty finding assistance, then you might contact the Local Enrolled Agent's Organization or the Local CPA wherever you are and whatever jurisdiction you are in and they usually have people who volunteer to help. I mean, personally here in Virginia, I do volunteer sometime. So when people get questions like this, we can help them to get their fares and order, so they can go and represent themselves with the Internal Revenue Service. If you are concerned about what can happen to you when you go or you are not really sure or you get very nervous in these scenarios, my good practical advice is sign a power of attorney, pay a licensed professional to go and represent you at the tax agency because we do this all the time and there is no need to really panic or get upset.