Who makes the decision on my child’s application?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dean of Admissions Andrew Battaile explains how the admissions office makes decisions on your child’s application.

    Host: Who makes the decision of my childs application?

    Andrew Battaile: The admissions office will be the main contributors in terms of your son or your daughters application. They work in the office that is their job, some officers are bigger than others. At boarding schools, you might have admissions officers who travel a lot and staff members who stay in the office. If your school is local there might be a smaller office, may be they dont need that many staff members to handle the process. But the main thing is that the people in the admissions office, they do the most work. They might have a committee that helps them look over files if there is a large number of applicants and the schools president, and headmaster will also contribute to that process as well.