Who should I ask for a raise?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Career counselor Karen Chopra discusses who you should ask for a raise.

    Host: Who should I ask for a raise?

    Karen James Chopra: Normally, the person that you are going to ask for a raise is going to be your first line supervisor, the person you report to everyday. In some companies, it is a little messy because they have got matrixed organizations where you actually have a couple of first line supervisors. In that case, you want to ask the one that you think is going to be most favorable to your case or the one over which you have the most leverage and ask them to help you get the other boss on board. But normally, the person you are going to ask for raise is the person you deal with everyday. You don't want to go over their head and you don't want to go to human resources and try to cut them out of the situation. If you have got a boss that you think isn't going to give you a raise, then you probably want to be looking to move onto another situation.