Who should make the arrangements and pay during a first date?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dating and relationship coach Toni Coleman discusses online dating, including who should make the arrangements and pay on the first date.

    Host: Who should make the arrangements and pay?

    Toni Coleman: Because it is online dating it is very different than your traditional dating scenario where somebody asks somebody out, they make the arrangements, there is an expectation that they will pay, unless it is discussed ahead of time. This is different. You have come to this place together and you have been talking or e-mailing about what you are going to do and you are both giving input. Most likely, both people will come up with a venues and will suggest what they are going to do and choose it together and make arrangements to get there on their own, that kind of thing. So, it is really a Dutch situation and if you think about the potential for meeting so many people online, it is also much more practical in that you are going to be perhaps meeting a lot of new people and having a lot of these first dates. So, the expectation should be that they will split the cheque and that they will make their own transportation arrangements. So, it is more like a Dutch thing. They have come there to meet each other and to see what they think.