Who would I see to get as diagnosis for depression?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Assistant Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Kim Penberthy gives advice on who to see if you think you are depressed.

    Host: Who would I see to get a diagnosis for depression?

    Dr. Kim Penberthy: Well probably, the first thing you would do for many people is contact your primary care doctor or your family physician who can do a first level screen and ask you some questions about your symptoms. How long you have had them, if you had them before, if anyone in your family has had symptoms of depression? Depending on whether or not they feel like you need further evaluation they may refer you to a Psychiatrist or a Clinical Psychologist or a Counseling Psychologist or sometimes a licensed clinical social worker and these are people that are trained to do a more specialized evaluation and find out for sure, if you do indeed have depression and what kind it is.