Who Writes the SAT?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Laura Rheinauer, Associate Director of Educational Connections, discusses how the SAT is written and edited.

    Host: Who writes the SAT?

    Laura Rheinauer: Well, unfortunately, if I told you who wrote the SAT, I am sure that person will be getting a lot of hate mail today. So can't give you the name, just kidding. It's actually a group of teachers and college professors that are employed by the College Board and Educational Testing Service. They work together in different committees to create questions. These questions are not to be used as measurements of a student's innate ability. Rather it's a measurement of student's critical reasoning, thinking, analytical skills that are developed in school and outside of school as well. These professionals work very hard to ensure that the test is fair. They definitely recognize mitigating factors that can inhibit a student for instance, from a diverse socio-economic background from achieving on the SAT to their constantly testing out new questions. We are going to talk a little bit later actually about the dummy section that's on the SAT and this is one section that's 25 minutes where new questions are tested out. It's not a scored section but it's really to see how students do on it. So to answer it, the SAT is written by a group of folks, not one person that we can all get up against.