Why and when would you file a commutation of sentence?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Prison Consultant Ed Bales explains when you would file a commutation of sentence and with whom.

    Host: Why and when would you file for a Commutation of Sentence?

    Ed Bales: Usually you file a Commutation of Sentence while you are incarcerated. It's something that you do -- it's almost like an appeal action but you are filing it to a legislative type of government or Board. You are filing it to the Governor's Office or to the President's Office, the Pardon Attorney, the US Pardon Attorney depending on the jurisdiction. That is where it goes, it does not go like an appeal to your sentencing judge or to and through the Court's system. So you may want to file that action if you have a lengthly sentence and take your chances because it's a situation where it a very low level of getting it granted.