Why are contracts so important?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wedding planner Kay Williams discusses the importance of reading through the contract before hiring staff for your wedding.

    Host: Why are contracts so important?

    Kay Williams: Oh, the reason why contracts are important when you do in any event is because everyone knows their job. No one has confusion, it is all written out, it's all there. And make sure that your contract is written by a lawyer that actually specializes in contracts, because that way they will know all the little things involved in legal things, then what to say, what not to say in this contract.

    So when you go out cosigning with your client, which when you do a couple for a wedding, I advice people to always have the couple there; not just the bride or just the groom, have both, so they can both have understanding as to the contract.

    Not only that, I do believe in 0:47 of the contract, but I also believe in individual contract. It means that you sign mine, I sign yours, you understand, I copy yours, you copy mine, you know what I mean? I get the original, and you get the original. So we have basically four copies around. So that means you won't say to me, I lost my contract, I don't know where is that, I didn't read my contract. For me personally at WBK, we make sure that we define the contract very, very good when it comes to any if events, especially weddings, because you never know what can happen. Not only that, we also combine with insurance, we add insurance to the contract, which means that anything happened to you, your things, that as a family we are not responsible for it. We will say yeah, we will help you with those. Your cost that you are paying us is going to cover your wedding dress, 1:29 wed, or did the caterer, 1:33 get there. They are actually going to help you by helping you be insured, so you can pit over your contract, insurance, anything you want there, you can pit there. They sign it, that's it. You need to know what you are doing, you need to know who you are dealing with. If you don't have a contract, you don't know what your job is. They can make loopholes out of it. They can say well, I found what I have read or that's what I understood, it's there, so there is no conversation. The next thing is that do the job; on their part and your part, as a client and as a consultant, you need to know what is your job is, and that's why contract is very important, it saves you from confusion.