Why are teens susceptible to these kinds of risks?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Social Worker Judith Welles Cousins discusses why teens are susceptible to these kinds of risks.

    Host: Why are teens susceptible to these kinds of risks?

    Judith Welles Cousins: I think the biggest reason that teens are susceptible to the significant risks in using alcohol and other drugs is physiological and neurochemical which means that teens are not done yet in terms of their growth and development and so that puts them in a vulnerable position both physiologically and also brain wise to the effects of alcohol and drugs.

    Alcohol and drugs are -- create a toxicity within a system, within the body system and the brain system and because they are not yet developed, their brain is not yet where it is supposed to be, their bodies are not yet where they will be, then that allows -- that means that they are more vulnerable to the toxicity of alcohol and drugs and that's the biggest reason. 1