Why do our differences seem to matter?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Founder of Perfect Partners Gloria McDonald suggests reasons why differences seem to be important.
    Host: Why do our differences seem to matter? Gloria MacDonald: Our differences really matter because our mind works in a fascinating way. Our subconscious mind is really very basic and it's looking for what's the same as us and what's different than us. It's looking to protect us so when something is familiar, similar, the same as us, that's safe. When something is different our subconscious mind is there to say, "Red alert, red alert, red alert something is different, it's not familiar, it may not be safe." So no matter what we do in all of our relationships throughout our lives our subconscious mind is always going to be alerting us to what's different and it doesn't matter if you are from the exact same culture, race, ethnicity, religious background, there will still be things that will be different about your partner and obviously, if you are from a different race or cultural background, religion etcetera there will be more things that will be different about your partner and your mind throughout your entire relationship with that person will be saying, "Red alert, this is different. This is not the way I do things. This is not the way my family does things. This is not what I grew up with." So it's really important to understand how the mind works and to understand that the fewer differences we have in our relationships between the two partners the easier it will be.