Why do so many relationships fail?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Gloria MacDonald discusses her relationship flight school, including why so many relationships fail.

    Host: Why do so many relationships fail?

    Gloria MacDonald: So many relationships fail today because we accept that quitting is an option. Think about this, with flying take off is optional, but landing is mandatory and yet we go into relationship feeling like, no, take off is optional but landing is optional too.

    95% of our relationship problems would just dissolve if we went into the relationship knowing that landing is mandatory, that we are going to make it through this relationship no matter what. You have to go into a relationship, a committed relationship knowing that you will do whatever it takes, that you will hold yourself to the discipline and the rigor that it takes to have a committed, successful, long-term relationship.

    Think about how different our lives would be if we really decided that we were not going to bail on relationships. You cannot bail on a flight, why do we bail on relationships, but we do and the problem is we accept little mini-crash landings everyday and those little, mini-crash landings build up and build up and build up till we have one great, big, whopping huge disaster and we bail.

    You cannot do that when you are flying a plane, but we allow ourselves to do that when we are in a relationship.