Why do teachers want to know about my family?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Education expert Lee Dorman explains the importance of the teacher’s knowledge about your family and how they use that to help your child in the classroom.

    Host: What do teachers want to know about my family?

    Lee Dorman: At the beginning of the year many teachers have conferences with parents that are kind of like introductory or get-to-know-you conferences, and the reason that teachers have these conferences especially in elementary school and often in middle school, is because they really do want to know about the family of the students. They want to know, for instance, does your child have a routine at home, do they have chores at home, do they study in a quiet place, are there other members of the family that are in school as well. They also need to know if your child is eating well, does your sleep well, whether there are any things that they should know medically about your child. So a conference that asks questions about family is because family influences students. Teachers get the benefit of what goes on at home. So they want to know what goes on at home and if there are events that happen in your family life, a marriage, a death, they do effect students in class, and it's a good idea to give teachers a heads up as to what's going on.