Why does the adoption process seem so complicated?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bridget Speiser of the Washington Humane Society discusses why the adoption process seems so complicated.

    Host: Why does the adoption process seem so complicated?

    Bridget Speiser: The adoption process can seem very complicated, I think chiefly everybody is looking for the same result and that is lifetime match between human and animal.

    So when shelter staff is really looking to make an adoption with a potential family, it's very important to them that everyone is entering into a relationship that's going to allow them all to expand and grow.

    So again you need to really feel some patience, sometimes it may feel that you are being asked a million questions that you feel like you have even answered maybe two or three times, but for the shelter staff to really feel secure in knowing that the match is right for both you and the animal, it can seem like laborious tasking process, but stick with it, it's definitely worth it.