Why is a honeymoon budget important?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel agent Melinda Webb discusses how to plan a honeymoon, including why it is necessary to have a budget.

    Melinda Webb: Hi, I am Melinda Webb owner of Dreams and Destinations Travel and now we are going to talk a little bit about your honeymoon budget.

    Host: Why is a budget important?

    Melinda Webb: A budget is important for several different reasons. The budget is going to determine your destination in many cases. It's also important because weddings are so known for going over budget. You really want to set a honeymoon budget and try to stay with that. The worse thing is you don't ever want to go on your honeymoon and find that you have spent so much on your honeymoon that you can't actually enjoy your honeymoon once you get there. So, if you set guidelines, budget guidelines it's going to help you in selecting your destination and determining really what is the most affordable honeymoon for you.