Why is savings so important for debt management?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Financial Expert Linda Stroman explains why savings are so important when trying to get out of debt and how it should be treated as an expense.



    Linda Stroman: Saving should be extra special piece of your budgeting. It should be often treated as an expense basically, because we want to save for emergency, we want to save for periodic increases in our debt such as rent, such as mortgage payments and things like that and also for the joys of life, the things that we want to do versus the things that we need to do and again, for retirement because retirement is important. Sometimes, we do not think about it when we are younger, well, we need to start saving for retirement as well. So, we need to incorporate that into our budget so that we can make that something that we do on a regular basis. "&78[^giyz(c)defiux(tm)3/4+INTny.




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