Why Replace The Service Kit On A Tire Pressure Monitoring Valve Stem

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls explains the importance of replacing the service kits on tire pressure monitoring valve stems.

    Tyson Boyer: Hi I'm Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls. Today I'm going to talk about the importance of having your Tire Pressure Monitoring System serviced whenever you have new tires installed, a second set of wheels installed or your tires removed from the wheel for other services.

    Is your vehicle a 2008 or newer. If so, it has a tire pressure monitoring system? The system is designed to notify the driver, if one or more tires are under inflated.

    I'm sure if your vehicle has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System, start the engine and watch for the dashboard light. If it shows up, your vehicle has this new safety system which was mandated in the US on all 2008 and newer vehicles.

    Like other items on your vehicle the Tire Pressure Monitoring System has replicable components that must be serviced.

    Most vehicles have sensors attached to the back of the valve stem that measuring you tire pressure and send the information to the dashboard computer.

    Why do these components need replacing? The same reason your rubber valve stem is replaced in your tire, every time the tire is serviced or replaced.

    The components on the tire pressure sensor in valve stem must be replaced. Rubber deteriorates overtime which can lead to air leaking out of you tire.

    You don't drive in a rain storm with warm wind shield wipers do you? The next time you have your tires replaced. Be sure that service shop is replacing variable components, so you have the proper protection and peace of mind, your family deserves.