Why “Same Love” Singer Mary Lambert’s New Album Has an Unexpected Sound

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Mary is striking out on her own with the release of her first studio album, Heart on My Sleeve. The soulful singer has already built a devoted fan base with her unabashedly honest lyrics and powerful voice – watch our interview to learn more about this pop star on the verge.

    Female Speaker: Mary Lambert's first studio album Heart on my Sleeve puts her raw on a song writing style and her soulful voice on full display.

    Lindsay Miller: Since Same Love came out your life has just been on hyper-drive, I imagine.

    Mary Lambert: Yeah, I mean, it's literally just go, go, go and just trusting that like the decisions that I am making are the right ones that when I feel good I am like I think this feels right, I am supposed to do this.

    Lindsay Miller: Well tell me a little bit about growing up because you have been really honest about some of the struggles that you went through with physical abuse and substance abuse over the years, and I also read about kind of your mom's coming out journey.

    Mary Lambert: It's funny because when I came out I thought for sure I was like this is going to be smooth sailing in my house and my mom is actually, she was just worried that I was going to get -- and so she was like, honey, can you just wait till college, and I just realized it was a very different time when she was growing up and what that meant to be coming out and that's how grateful I was in the position that I wasn't in the support system that I did have. I mean now that I think about that she was probably just very relieved that I could not get pregnant in high school; I think she really enjoyed that.

    Lindsay Miller: As all moms would, right?

    Mary Lambert: Yeah.

    [Music]Lindsay Miller: Well tell me about coming up with this song for your album because I think for the first album for any artist it's such a defining moment, and I think for people that may be only know you from Same Love they would expect something a little bit more soul and R&D.

    Mary Lambert: Totally, totally. Lindsay Miller: But there is also a lot of pop influence.

    Mary Lambert: For this album I definitely just wanted to make the album that I've always wanted to make because I wanted to make this dream album. So sonically it's a pop record but there is a lot of interesting songs sort of on the margins, I do a cover Jessie's Girl.

    Lindsay Miller: Which is so good, I loved that.

    Mary Lambert: You did.

    Lindsay Miller: And it's unlike anything people could ever expect that song would sound like it's totally the Mary Lambert version, it's so cool.

    Mary Lambert: It is.

    Lindsay Miller: Well, thanks so much and don't forget Heart on my Sleeve is out on October 14.