Why should I commit to Spay or neuter my new cat?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bridget Speiser of the Washington Humane Society discusses why you should commit to spay or neuter a new cat.

    Host: Why should I commit to spay or neuter my new cat?

    Bridget Speiser: Spaying, neutering is exceedingly important in the entire realm of getting ahead of this pet overpopulation crisis that we are facing. As you are visiting these shelter and these rescue group you no doubt are going to your self-experience on a very personal level. The numbers of animals that do end up needing to find secondary and sometimes third homes they get into situations where they can no longer be cared for and thankfully the shelter system is there for them, but we really to get ahead of this curve with pet overpopulation.

    Many shelters do actually a require pre-adoption spay-neuters, so maybe in an area where the shelter is going to care of that for you and you will adopting an animal that has already been spayed or neutered. But many places don't have the resources to do that and we will ask you to commit to spay neuter, once you have adopted this animal. It's very important that you take that commitment most seriously, it is absolutely again vital to the health and the welfare of all animals, that we make sure that we are not contributing to future births of unwanted puppies and kittens.