Wicked Witch’s Hat Cookies

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Linda Stahl, from Hershey Kitchens, share her recipe for delicious Witch’s Hat Cookies.

    Linda Stahl: Halloween is just around the corner and what better way to bring in the season then with a batch of witch's hat cookies. Enter your brownie mix into the bowl. Add the syrup, one quarter cup Hershey's cocoa, one quarter cup water, one quarter cup vegetable oil and the two eggs. Mix this together until all your ingredients are moistened. Drop the batter by scant teaspoons onto your baking sheet. We want to put about 12 cookies on a sheet. Heat your oven to 350 degrees, they need to bake for 8 minutes and then we are ready to go on to the next step. We have just brought the cookies out of the oven. They have cooled a minute and now we are going to take frozen chocolates and gently press into the cookie to make an indentation. And then cool it completely.

    The next step is I am going to take the chocolate frosting, put a little bit in each indentation. Then we are going to take our special dark kiss chocolate and place it on there, that becomes the top of the witch's hat. And then we are going to use this black decorator's frosting and you go around the outside of the cookie, put two ribbons hanging down the back. Put your bow and then finish off with a bright yellow dot. And there we have our witch's hat cookie.