Will cutting out carbs help me lose weight?

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dietitian Sarah Alligood discusses if cutting out carbs will help you lose weight.

    Host: Will cutting out carbs help me lose weight?

    Sarah Alligood: Cutting out carbs really isn't a helpful approach to weight loss. People who have had success cutting out carbs in losing weight is simply because they were cutting out calories in most places. So for example, if you were going to eat a hamburger and you decided to eat it without the bun, you have just lost probably around a 160 calories from your meal. So basically you consume less calories which leads to weight loss, but when you cut out carbs, you are losing a lot of the benefits that carbohydrates have. Your body absolutely needs them and also, a lot of the people who have had success losing weight in this way, it is only in the short term. You can't eat like that forever, your body needs this carbohydrate and as soon as they start eating them again their weight usually goes back up. It is not a long-term solution.