Wind Power Science Project – Balloon Squid

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Marry Porter from Curiosity Zone shows you how to make a balloon squid science project for kids.

    Mary Porter: Hi I am Mary Porter from the Curiosity zone. We are doing simple experiments for young kids that demonstrate principles of energy. Now, we are going to do an experiment that shows how air blowing out of a balloon will provide energy to move something forward. We are going to make balloon powered squids. The materials we are going to need are some ribbon to make your squidy tentacles. You are going to need a big balloon, the bigger the better because the more air you can get in there the more energy you are going to get out. You will need some scissors to cut your squidy tentacles. You are going to need a glue gun to glue on your tentacles. You are going to need a water spout like this to be the bottom of your squad. And you can order these online but you can also just grab a water bottle at the grocery store. And just save the top. And that's it.

    So the first step. This is a very simple project. The first step is to take your water nozzle. You guys, and make sure that they are open. So you got to pop them open. But I think those are already open. And the next thing, we are going to do is cut some squidy tentacles and the longer the tentacles, the better, because it will make a cool effect on the water. Today, we are going to do just three tentacles each. But you can go crazy with this and make the tentacles as longer as colorful as you would like. Because, you want to have a cool squid for in your pool. But we are going to cut three different sections for you guys. And then, we are going to take the hot glue gun and you are going to -- the squid tentacles need to hang down in the same direction as the nozzle. So, you are going to tip the nozzle downward and make a spot of glue and then just, and be careful not to burn yourself here. But just mush the ribbon right in. And this might be a good thing for a grownup to do. Because, hot glue can burn kid's hands if they are not careful. So we are going to, I am going to go ahead and do this for you. The nice thing about hot glue is that it cools up super fast. Alright, so we have got the tentacles hanging down with a nozzle facing down and the next step is to attach your balloon. And if you want to you can draw a little face on your balloon like I did. Make a little squidy, squidy guy and then basically all you do is you take your balloon, you stretch it out like this and just squish it right on top, just like this. And make sure it's good and attached, so it won't blow off. And important is that the balloon be centered over the middle of the nozzle. And that will help it go blow out the air blow evenly.

    Alright, and you really all set at this point, and the only thing we needed to do now is blow it up. Which is actually the fun part. Because you get to actually put your mouth on the nozzle and blow up a balloon in a new and unique way, like this. See if Jackson can do it here. There we go, there we go, keep blowing. And when you are done blowing up the balloon, blow it up as much as you can. Sure, when you are done blowing up the balloon. You twist the top like this. To hold in the air, until you are ready to release it in the water.

    And then the final step is to release your squid in a pool of water. If we blow it up, and you pinch it with your fingers, so you get it down to the water like this. And then you just let it go. It just goes flying across the tub. Obviously this is a very small pool of water so you are not going to get to see it go flying. But these are such fun toys. For our next experiment we are going to work on also balloon power to create a hovercraft.