Window Styles and Materials

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Eric Huber of Blaine Window Repair explains the different types of windows and the replacement parts required for each.

    Eric Huber: Hi, I am Eric Huber with Blaine Window Repair. We will be showing you window repair. There are many different types of windows. You have the fixed non-operable window. The older style Jalousie Window and the Wood Double Hung Window. Next, we have an operating casement window. Next, we have the sliding window. This is also a sliding window with the obscured glass. There are also many different types of parts for window repair. You have your casement operators, locking handles, operators for onning (ph) windows. There are storm door and window hardware, your locks, handles, slide bolts and corner keys, sliding screen door hardware, rollers, locks, closet door hardware, double hung replacement parts, the block and tackle type channel balances, spiral tubular balances, the tilt latches and locking mechanisms. We also have parts to repair your door hardware handles, rollers, locks. There are many different types of windows. They could be made out of wood, vinyl or aluminum. That's a little bit about the different types and materials that windows are made up of and some of the replacement parts.

    Next, we are going to do insulated glass replacement.