Windshield Repair – Assessing Damage

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Automotive Expert Judy Greenway discusses assessing the damage on cracked windshield.

    Judy Greenway: Hi! This is Judy from Royal Glass and what we are going to do today is show you a simple repair on your auto windshield that's going to save you, hopefully save you a few dollars down the line. But before we get into this, how interesting this is, we are going to show you a couple of different kind of breakage in windshields that really can't be repaired. It has to be replaced. Just basics, anything longer than a dollar, as you see this break can't be repaired, has to be replaced. Combination break, you see these a lot behind trucks, large rocks that you see bouncing at you, this is what you get. I am so sorry but there is absolutely nothing we could do for that either other than replace your glass. Breakage here from a stone chip, this small little stone chip right here. If you had got to us before this started spreading, this would have been an easy simple repair. Maybe even in home if you had bought the little aftermarket repair kits, this could have been something you can do it yourself. But what happens now is heat, moisture, cold will actually start spreading as you can see spread into the pillar. And then it goes up and up and up and breaks your glass. And of course here the worst case scenario following too close behind trucks, cars, this is what comes off the road breakage, that's what you get. What we have here is the combination break. You see the bullseye in the center but what happened is the impact was so strong probably again from a truck, it actually breaks it immediately. You can see it's spreading in the area. We could try to fix that but this is what we call an acute area. This is where you drive, and you are looking out, you don't need any distractions, you don't any kind of repairs in this area. You want this clean and clear. Safety reason, you don't want it to have to look something that seems maybe a little bit distorted. And look what plastic can do that in large area. So we would not try to repair that one.

    Well, now that we have talked about what can and can't be repaired. We are going to use two different methods today. We have a bridge repair kit in shop, that you are going to have professionally done it. If you come here, this is what I would do for you in shop professionally. And before we start with our syringe method of repair. I would like to go with some basic safety tips. And it's just really important to do this, gloves, its nice to have gloves. It keeps your hands covered. This is caustic chemicals and they will burn you, your fingers. And eye protection is a must. Its always good to keep something there. And have paper towels ready, you never know when mistakes happen and always keep your glass cleaner available. Keep it close. And cover your vehicle because you don't want to ruin any kind of your paint for any reason. So try to just basic things you know be safe, it's better smart than sorry. So now we are going to start our repair.