Wine and Strawberry Dessert – Mix Ingredients

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Raymond Steiger owner of Euro Bistro demonstrates how to mix the ingredients for a Strawberry Sabayon dessert.

    Hi, my name is Raymond Steiger and today we are going to make Strawberry Sabayon. First we take six egg yokes, thats about maybe three to four portion of the strawberries sauce. Then we use three to four tablespoon of sugar and we use maybe a quarter cup of Marsala wine, the sweet one. Then we take it, and at home, either one you can use the way I use it here, and just slowly, slowly over open flame just whip it up or you can use it in a double boiler, but make sure the egg yolk doesnt cook. So, what we do here we just mix a little bit, so it doesnt stick on the side of the bowl and makes it nice and foamy. This sauce you can use for either one, fresh strawberry, fresh raspberry or any fresh berries or you can use for syruping kind of cakes as well, use it as a sauce on the side.

    The nice thing is, you can make it before and put in the refrigerator and then later on mix it with whipped cream, if you want to serve it cold or you can make it like this, and just serve as soon its ready off the stove, and is ready to go. So, thats an option. So if you want to do it at home and you want to prepare it before, then just cool off the eggs mixture, add the whipped cream on to it and then pour it over the fresh fruits. iI doesnt take you too long to prepare it. It takes about maybe three - fours minutes, depends how high you turn up the flame to mix it or how hot is the boiler when you put it in there, and thats it. Now this is all ready to go, the base for the sauce by itself.

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