Wine Cellar Design

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wine Cellar expert Lisa Weiss discusses how to design a wine cellar for your home.

    Lisa Weiss

    Lisa is the owner and operator of The Wine Cellar Company, out of McLean, VA. She is the foremost designer of wine cellars in the Washington Metro area. Lisa specializes in creative, custom wine rooms, offering a full complement of services including design, preparation, insulation, refrigeration, flooring, lighting, painting and unique special features. Contrary to popular belief, in-home wine cellars can be accomodated almost anywhere from a modest crawl space to a cavernous room. Proper room preparation and cooling are crucial to your wine cellar. The Wine Cellar Company is one of the few trusted sources in the area, and facilitates residential, retail and commercial properties.

    Lisa Weiss: Hello! I am Lisa Weiss with the Wine Cellar Company. Today, we are going to talk about how to build your custom wine cellar and in this particular segment we are going to talk about the racking. This is actually the fun part.

    Designing and building a wine cellar can be lots of fun. But everybody has different taste. What you want to think about is your cellar going for entertainment purposes or you are going to come down and taste wine in your cellar. So all of these things, that we are going to talk about right now are something you need to consider in building your wine cellar.

    First, I would recommend talking to someone locally about your wine cellar. There are always people on the internet that you can talk to and you can go to how to sites. But I would recommend having someone locally and these are all the things that you want to consider in speaking with them about your custom wine cellar.

    You want to think about what type of bottle that you like to buy. Do you like to buy cases, do you like to buy individual or just a few bottles of wine at a time. For example, if you like to buy by cases, you might want a wine cellar that has multiple storage, like diamond bin for example. These hold up to twelve bottles and possibly more. You can do Diamond cubes, rectangular bins all those are the examples of multiple bottle storage. Some people like the traditional look of individuals. Those are good if would like to purchase just a few bottles of wine at a time. Some people like to display their labels. That s important when you are talking to your wine cellar professional.

    Another thing to consider is what type of bottle do you buy. Do you buy the standard type bottle, the burgundy or the Bordeaux or do you buy a bigger bottle, do you like Magnums, Jeroboam. Some wine enthusiast even like Nebuchadnezzar. But all of those type wine bottles make a difference in how you build your wine cellars.

    These days different vineyards are making wine bottles, a little bigger. Sometimes your champagne comes a little bit larger. So all those things are really important and can become crucial in your custom wine cellar.

    Some other things to consider when building your custom wine cellar is, do you want a more functional approach to your cellar or would you like to entertain there. All those things make a difference. If you want to have a functional approach or if you want to entertain, you need certain amount of space. But for functional and a small cellar, you really need at least three-and-a-half feet on one wall, to be able to have the depth, if you want include refrigeration and racking and the ability to walk in and sneak and get a bottle. But of course you can have wine cellars that are very large as well but just a reminder that you need at least three and a half feet in depth. In terms of entertaining, if are going to have a tasting room, would you like it to be outside your chilled environment or do you like it to be all in one room itself. All those things make a difference, whether you would like a table top, are you going to be serving wine in your wine cellar.

    Some other things to consider, would you like to also store other items; wine cellar accessories, glasses or perhaps some other bottles of liquor, would like to store cigars, those things can all make a difference to your designer, when they take look at your wine cellar and consider what type of rack you would like.

    In determining the type of wood for your wine cellar, traditionally wine cellars are built in redwood. This is a great wood because it handles moisture very well. But you also have set of other options; cherry, mahogany, oak, maple and many other special woods. A lot of people choose to use unfinished wood but you have the ability to stain at any color as well as liquor. The only type of wood that might not want to use is cedar because of the scent and sometimes that scent can get into the wine bottle and some people claim that it makes the wine taste a little differently. So, you really have a lot of options of wood but I would still clear up cedar. When you get to the part when you want to determine what type of lighting you want. You have couple different options. You can use recess lighting, you can have a chandelier. It s always nice to have a dimmer in your cellar. Many times you would like to have a more low light environment. But just in case you like to have that dimmer in case you want to be able to read the labels and you don t have much light in your cellar, you also have the ability to use lighting for display. Many times we would use xenon lighting or LED lighting. But the most important thing to remember is that if you do not have refrigeration in your cellar, you want to keep lighting to a minimum so that does increase the heat in your cellar. In terms of flooring, once again, your options are very open. Most people use stone or some type of tile. You do have the ability to use wood, some people use concrete. But once again, the option is based on what you want your dcor to look like. So, you don t have too many limitations there.

    Let s take a moment and talk about glass in your wine cellar. A lot of people like to use glass doors and glass windows. You can use glass doors and windows but there are just a few things that you need to know about that. First, it needs to be tempered glass. You need to have a double pane because of the difference of temperature inside the cellar versus outside the cellar. This also goes for your windows as well. Another thing to consider, when you do have a window and when you do have a door that really you need to bump up the BTUs on your cooling system, so that when you order a cooling system and you calculate your cubic space in your area to determine what size cooling unit you need. You might need to bump it up to the next level, if you have a glass window and a glass door. I hope I have been able to answer your questions and give you a little bit of insight on how to build your own wine cellar. Now, go out on your own and find your own local wine cellar representative. They can help design and build your own custom wine cellar. So, thanks for joining me today and good luck with your wine cellar.