Wine Cellar Ducted Split System

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Wine Cellar expert Lisa Weiss discusses how to build a ducted split system for your wine cellar.

    Lisa Weiss

    Lisa is the owner and operator of The Wine Cellar Company, out of McLean, VA. She is the foremost designer of wine cellars in the Washington Metro area. Lisa specializes in creative, custom wine rooms, offering a full complement of services including design, preparation, insulation, refrigeration, flooring, lighting, painting and unique special features. Contrary to popular belief, in-home wine cellars can be accomodated almost anywhere from a modest crawl space to a cavernous room. Proper room preparation and cooling are crucial to your wine cellar. The Wine Cellar Company is one of the few trusted sources in the area, and facilitates residential, retail and commercial properties.

    Hello, I am Lisa Weiss with the Wine Cellar Company. Today, we are going to talk about how to build your custom wine cellar and then in this particular segment, we are going to talk about the ducted split system. The one thing that I can stress the most is that this particular situation when you are looking to have a ducted system for your wine cellar, it's very important to get your HVAC professional involved. Although, the system is very similar to an air conditioning and heating type system that you will have in your own home. It runs on its own and it's separate. It has many of the same components, like the return and different air supplies, but you really need to get someone involved to talk to them. This particular application is best in a wine cellar that's not constructed yet, perhaps, an unfinished basement or when you are under new construction for your home.

    That's the best time to use the ducted system in your wine cellar. The other advantage about this system is that you are able to hide the system that's in place there. You don't have to show an evaporator on the wall and you don't have to show a big unit going through the wall. This allows you to have a nice ceiling with a few air supplies and perhaps you ll have the ability to hide the return a little bit better. So, statistically this might be your best option, if you are under new construction or you have an unfinished basement. I hope I've been able to answer your questions and give you a little bit of insight on how to build your own wine cellar. Now, go out on your own and find your own local wine cellar representative that can help design and build your own custom wine cellar. So thanks for joining me today and good luck with your wine cellar.