Wine Styles: New World vs. Old World

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Cyrus Hazzard from Total Wine explains the difference between New World and Old World wines.

    Cyrus Hazzard: Hi! My name is Cyrus Hazzard, concierge wine sales with Total Wine & More. Today I'm in a McLean Virginia location and we're talking about old world versus new world and what that means in terms of wine.

    Simply put old world wine comes from old world countries, so Europe, that means Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Portugal. New world wine on the other hand comes from as you would imagine new world countries the Americas whether it's Canada, U.

    S. or South America, but also includes New Zealand and Australia.

    Wines from these two areas are very distinct in their styles. New world wines tend to be more fruitful or jammy if you will, so stylistically you are going to get grape fruit in those type of things on nose and on the palette that would mean what you smell and what you taste.

    Old world wines on the other hand are more rustic in their style or earthy means, more dried fruit sort of qualities too, it actually pair fantastic with fruit. Old world wines typically the vineyards that are not irrigated that means whatever mother nature gives you is what you get every year. What benefits of that is that you truly get unique wines every year. New world wine on the other hand they are allowed to irrigate, they are allowed to add more nutrients, they are allowed to control a lot more in the Vineyards throughout the growing season. This allows for consistent wine every year, so you know when you pick up that bottle of wine for the most part doesn't matter what year is the wine is going to be consistently that same style, just because a wine is made in the old world doesn't necessarily mean it is made in the old world style.

    To be sure you should definitively be asking your local wine expert for advice to make sure that you are selecting the right bottle. If you traditionally drink new world wine I encourage you to try old world wine and vice versa, wine is all about exploration it's important that you branch out and try new things. Cheers!


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