Wine Tasting Step 2 – Sniff

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Brandon Walsh, President of Hosted Wine Tasting, explains the second step in proper wine tasting: Smelling.

    Brandon Walsh

    Brandon’s immense passion for wine and cooking led him to launch Hosted Wine Tasting; a company that offers wine tasting, food catering, and wine training services at the customer’s location. Besides his studies through the Wine Spectator School and Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, CA, Brandon has also traveled to vineyards and wineries throughout the world; most notably in the US, Italy, and France.

    Brandon Walsh: Hi, I am Brandon Walsh and today we are discovering the wonderful world of wine. In this next clip, I am going to discuss wine-tasting step 2, sniff.

    You can see from our wine-tasting scorecard, we have covered step 1, see and now we are going to discuss step 2, sniff. Sniffing the wine can help understand the aromas, which are very important in any wine tasting. In order to get the most out of your sniff, you will want to swirl the wine. The proper way to swirl is to put the wine glass on the table, and put your index finger and middle finger around the stem, and go ahead and start making small circles on the table. That will help to do two things; number one, the swirling will aerate the wine, which really in a sense, is helping the alcohol to evaporate and thus releasing the aromas. Number two, is that the wine is lubricating inside of the glass that will make it easier to detect the aromas when you sniff.

    So, I have gone ahead, and I have swirled my wine and when you sniff, you want to take three short sniffs and don t be afraid to put your nose inside the glass, I know it may seem odd but that s really the best way to detect the aromas that are in the wine. What aromas should you be detecting or with the white wine, you want to look for green apple, lemon, peaches. In the red wine, you want to try to detect black cherries, strawberries, plums. Once you smell your wine, go ahead and annotate your results on your scorecard.

    In our next clip, I will be discussing wine-tasting step 3, sip.