Wine Tasting Step 4 – Summarize

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Brandon Walsh, President of Hosted Wine Tasting, explains the fourth step in proper wine tasting: Summarizing all of the previous steps.

    Brandon Walsh

    Brandon’s immense passion for wine and cooking led him to launch Hosted Wine Tasting; a company that offers wine tasting, food catering, and wine training services at the customer’s location. Besides his studies through the Wine Spectator School and Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, CA, Brandon has also traveled to vineyards and wineries throughout the world; most notably in the US, Italy, and France.

    Hi, I am Brendan Walsh. Today, we are discovering the wonderful world of wine. In this clip, we will be discussing wine-tasting step four, summarize.

    If we check in on our scorecard, we can see that we have covered step one- see, step two- sniff, step three- sip and step four- summarize. When you summarize on your scorecard you are really trying to answer three questions. Number one- what is the quality of the wine? Is it very straightforward or simple or is the wine complex were you tasting or smelling various aromas of flavors? What are the aromas and flavors? Are they appealing to you? Finally, is the finish long or short? A long finish on a wine typically indicates higher quality. The second question you want to answer is really related to your personal preference and what wine tasting is all about. Did you enjoy the wine? Would you purchase this wine? Step three is what is the wine s value to you? Is the price of the wine versus your level of enjoyment equal or good value? If so, then enjoy.

    In the next clip, we will finish up by discussing wine and food pairings.