Winter Rodent Control Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss discusses the best methods for repelling or trapping rodents in your household.

    William Moss: As the temperature gets colder, certain wildlife look for warmer shelter, like your house. Fortunately, there are easy ways to stop these pets. Let's talk rodent control.

    Mice and rodents are only cute in cartoons. In real life, they are dirty and they transmit diseases. Mice carry parasites. They also can't control their waste. So everywhere they go they'll leave on a trail. And lots of people are allergic to that.

    So with all your health benefits, we got to figure out ways to get rid of them once they come in a house.

    Everyone knows about the mouse traps and the glue boards. They are very effective, but there is really some neat new technology on the market as well.

    One is the sonic repellents. These little speakers emit a high-frequency pitch that forces rodents away. So that's a good way to prevent them from coming into your house at all.

    Of course once the mouse is in your house, then you've got to trap them. You can use the glue boards or the old conventional traps. You place those guys along the baseboards of your house or in areas where you know the mice frequent.

    But there is a new technology where you not even have to touch the mouse that uses electricity to kill them. We've got two different sized traps here. Here is a small single trap and then here is a larger trap that holds up to ten mice.

    Basically, it electrocutes them, you never have to touch it, you never have to do anything to the mouse, you simply take it and dump it out into the trash.

    All of these rodent control systems are safe for your pets and kids. With diligence and a few gadgets, you can keep the mice where they belong, outside.