Winterize a Car – Surviving a Roadside Breakdown

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ed Kriston from AAA Mid-Atlantic’s approved auto repair department demonstrates how to winterize a car, including tips for surviving a roadside breakdown.

    Ed Kriston: Hi! I am Ed. I am from AAA Mid-Atlantic's approved auto repair department. We are talking about winterizing your car and now we are going to be talking about surviving a road-side break-down.

    In the event of a road side break down, one of the biggest things to keep in mind is safety. If you pull after the side of the road, be it on the right or the left hand lane, you try to get as far away from the travel portion of the road as possible. Once that is done then you need to get some kind of warning up behind the car to let other motorist coming in the same direction that there is some one up on the side of the road. Usually done with triangles. Also, if there is some kind of a light that you have in your kit that you can take and put out behind you, it will also give you a little bit of added protection.

    In case in the winter time if there is snow on the ground with a good accumulation, make sure that the area around the tail pipe is clear. That will allow the exhaust gases to escape behind the car rather than getting under the car and up into the passenger compartment. And those were some tips for surviving a road side break down and remember always be careful.