Winterize a Vegetable Garden – Last Harvest

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    In this video, Kathy Jentz, Editor/Publisher of Washington Gardener Magazine, demonstrates how to winterize a vegetable garden including your last harvest of the season.

    Kathy Jentz: Hi, I am Kathy Jentz. I am showing you how to winterize your vegetable garden. And this time, we are talking about your last harvest of the season. So we are going to be collecting vegetables and getting them in and tearing out your old plants and mulching them in your compost pile.

    So, as you see we have already collected some gourds from the frost bitten plants on the other section of our garden. And we are going to start pulling off all our tomatoes. And it doesn't matter if they are green, yellow, orange or red, at this point, we will just take them all and if your have a sunny window seal, you can just set them out and let them ripen in your window seal and or you can make green jelly jam or just pickle these and still have the green tomatoes. So waste not. We also have a ton of peppers to pick. Same thing, you can prepare them green or let them ripen on a sunny window seal or any brown paper bag. And we will pick all these. And then we will actually pull out the entire plant, shake off as much soil as possible. And then we will be putting these in our compost pile. So, pulling out the corn from this vegetable bed. It's definitely at the end of the seeds and then we want to want clean off any nice soil that we have. It's pretty easy just to pull out by hand. And some of which should just come up like that. If you have to use a shovel, you can. We want to break it down into smaller segments and then you can compost it or put it out with your yard waste. So that's how we do our last harvest of the season. Our next segment will be about winterizing your garden with mulch and cover-crops.