Wire and Tape a Rose for a Boutonniere

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Floral designer Kara Beckett demonstrates how to wire and tape a rose for a boutonniere.

    Kara Beckett

    Kara is currently the owner and principal designer of Gathered Stems, located in McLean, Virginia. With over 10 years of horticulture and design experience, Kara, along with her partner, Margaret Flis, has created a one of a kind floral studio, focusing on natural and simplistic beauty. Kara’s technical knowledge and creative flair in home décor, wedding and event designs, as well as unique fresh florals, along with her ability to interpret her clients' needs, continues to make her a favorite in the community. Kara stays active in the community, leading hands-on workshops and demonstrations in floral design to groups such as garden clubs, local women’s associations, and civic groups. Gathered Stems continues to be featured in distinguished publications such as Southern Accents Magazine, and Home & Design.

    Hi, I am Kara Beckett from Gathered Stems. Today, we are showing you how to make a boutonniere. Now we are going to go ahead and wire and tape our rose for our boutonniere. So, the first thing we want to do is to take our rose, we want to remove any of these guard petals on the outside. These are petals that may have a little bit of brown or slightly imperfect. So, we are just going to take a few of those off until the rose looks nice. This sort of creates a front to the rose as well, so you can see there is a nice petal here in the back, and these two kind of crossover each other, and that sort of makes a nice front for the boutonniere. Now, what we are going to do is cut most of the stem off, leaving a small nub at the base. This is where we are going to stick our wire and we are now going to create a wire stem. So, I am going to take my wire and actually I am going to cut this in half, because I don't really need that much length. So, with the wire I am going to go ahead and stick it through the base of this nub, and I am going to go pretty much up to where the nub meets the rose, and I am going to stick it straight through, halfway through. At this point I'm just going to take the two sides and bend them straight down. So, now I want to tape this with my stem tape. This tape actually as you stretch it, it becomes tacky, so it's a little bit sticky. So, as I use it I'm going to sort of stretch it out a bit and I will start at the base, right here, and just begin wrapping it around so that it sticks to itself. As I go down, I just want to go down little by little, keep this nice and tight and as smooth as possible, go all the way down the wire. Alright, so there you go, we have gone ahead and wired and taped our rose, now we are ready to add our accent flower and greenery to our boutonniere.