Witch Halloween Makeup – Applying the Prosthetics Part 1

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to create witch makeup for Halloween including the first part of applying the latex prosthetics.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: Hello! My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and this is our model today, Vanessa Strickland. We are doing a witch transformation and at this point I am going to show you how to apply the witch prosthetics. First, lets start with the nose, I am going to take the nose and I am going to take a white pencil. This is a white make-up pencil and the reason I use the pencil is I position the prosthetic really where I want it to go. I try to make sure that the nasal openings are pretty much in line with the model's openings so that they can breathe very, very easily. This is rather comfortable to wear too, its not a big deal and then you can see that the edges are scalloped and very, very thin. They are of paper thin, so that they disappear when you glue them on.

    But the reason I give myself an outline is so I know where to put the adhesive, so I dont put into smaller place or too larger place. So the prosthetic basically falls within the white lines of the pencil. You have to be a little careful with the chin; I have seen people put the chin on upside down. So the chin ridge is kind of in a Y and this is the piece that goes underneath and I guess you can tell the bulbous part is the piece that fits here. This becomes a little bit more complicated, but you want to make sure that the scalloped edges are open and that the chin really fits on the tip and not too far in on the face. And you can look at all aspects and see that, wow that does fit pretty good. Okay, its pretty even. So then I am going to take my white pencil and of course, I am going to outline where I need the adhesive to go and why do I use a white pencil? Because once I put the make-up over it, it basically disappears, good. Now we have the outline of where those prosthetic pieces are going to go and you better look at it very closely because she is not going to look like this anymore. So we take the spirit gum adhesive and this is one of my favorite little bottles because this bottle is made by the Krylon Corporation and its a wonderful bottle to put spirit gum in and I like the brush on the tip of the product. And I make sure I dont have much thats going to drop and spill away. So I will get the model to close her eyes because you want to be careful with the spirit gum around the eyes and I am going to just quickly take this brush and put on a slick, smooth layer right up and a little bit over the line where the prosthetic is actually going to fall. I am going to get a little bit more spirit gum, again I wipe the excess away and then I am going to put -- paint this right up and slightly over the white line and you want to put it on rather quickly. So you just get a smooth layer going and you know you dont need it in the middle because the prosthetic is hollow. There is nothing thats going to stick there.

    Now at this point you need to oxygenate the spirit gum and that makes it sticky. So I take my ring finger or even your pinky finger, something away from your others that you have to work with and I tap into the spirit gum and you can feel it gets sticky. You can feel it, so you pull up the skin you can feel it get sticky and thats pretty sticky there and I am going to quickly take the nose and I am going to put it into place. I can take my white pencil or even the tip of a brush and I can press in those edges onto the spirit gum.

    And you can do each prosthetic one at a time if you want. Quickly ,I am going to move to this, it's pretty much already set up, it's pretty sticky, see the skin stick thats when it's ready, thats when it's ready. If you dont oxygenate spirit gum, sometimes when you put a rubber piece over it and the air doesnt get to it, it doesnt dry right and if doesnt dry right, the piece won't stick properly. Let me get that edge on real quick and then I am going to pull up this edge. Now if you dont get the prosthetic on perfectly the first time, you can lift it back off of the sticky spirit gum. See sometimes the edges fold under on you; you can see this edge is folded under and what I want to do is just pull it right up and unroll it. See and then it sticks. See, how the spirit gum almost makes the edges disappear? The edges are basically paper thin, so they disappear rather well when they are wet.

    Let's say you dont have a place thats sticking right, you can take a little bit more spirit gum, pull up the edge a little bit, put the spirit gum in there, try to agitate with some oxygen real quick and tack that little piece back on. So dont be afraid of it, its really not that hard to do. But you do want to make sure that the spirit gum is sticky and you can see that thats on pretty, pretty darn well already. Coming up next, we will finish applying the prosthetics.