Witch Halloween Makeup – Applying the Prosthetics Part 2

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to create witch makeup for Halloween including the second part of applying the latex prosthetics.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle. Today we are doing the witch transformation and right now we will finish up the prosthetics. Now the next thing we are going to do and this is why I have my acetone, is now I have got spirit gum all over my fingers so I want to get that off very, very quickly. So it's nice to have a little finger nail polish or a little acetone right on the side and the reason I use my ring finger to oxygenate the spirit gum is that I still have my four fingers to work with the prosthetics and not get stuck with the spirit gum on my fingers. So you want clean fingers to work with the spirit gum and your ring or your pinky fingers are the ones that are still sticky, okay, good.

    Now we are going to use the liquid latex, the liquid rubber and this is some liquid latex in here, its just a little bottle of it that I keep in my kit and I am going to spill some out on this palette here. Dont use too much, you can always add more if you need it and let me take another latex sponge, non latex sponge and I am going to dip it in this latex and again we are going to stipple and you want this very, very thin. So close your eyes, you want to be careful not to get it in the lashes and I am going to stipple the edges of this prosthetic. Now this does two things. One, it helps the prosthetic stay on even better because it does work as an adhesive and two, it helps to disguise those edges even more. The more the edges of an appliance are disguised, the better the impact of the make-up job because people are really fascinated as to wow! How did you do that? And once you put the latex on you dont want to go over it again until its dry because as it dries, if you touch it again it will start to come up. So you dont want to mess up your work. So quickly get one layer on and be done with it.

    Now when I am doing make-up jobs, I will often expedite my work to save myself and the client time by using a hair drier. But you can take a hair drier and keep some distance, I often put my hand up and make sure I am not burning the model and you can actually blow over the latex and what you are going to find is as the latex dries, it turns rather colorless. So thats when you know it's dry, you can already see the side of this nose. See, it's already turning clear, it's almost dry.

    Now that we have applied the prosthetics with the spirit gum and we have put the liquid latex over the edges, I am going to take a little more castor sealer. This was the original product we used to seal those products and now that we have put the liquid latex on here, we have to seal that as well because we dont want that to have a reaction to the colors that we put on between the prosthetics and the skin. So I am just going to pat a little of the castor sealer over the liquid latex and seal that just like I sealed the prosthetics originally. And this completes the application of the prosthetics for the witch transformation. Now we go to applying the face color.