Witch Halloween Makeup – Choosing the Costume

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to create witch makeup for Halloween including choosing the costume.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: Hello! My name is Roger Bennett Riggle. Now that we have finished the witch transformation, we went out shopping for costumes to give you some optional looks for your Halloween witch night. This first one is called witch and it basically has your haggard sleeves and the tattered bottom here and she also has an accessory which is a broom and you can also add the black full lashes here. You will notice that if you are wearing a low-cut outfit that maybe you going to want to put your outfit on first and take that white pencil I showed you and draw the outline of that dress on your body so that you know how far to bring the make-up down so that your face, or neck and the chest area all are the same color. You also should want to do your hands too, if you really, really want a nice authentic look. Here is another option, this one is called sorcerers and she is of the evil court. This one has black and purples mixed into it, it has got long belt sleeves on it so that it covers most of the arms in here. Again this is low-cut, so you are going to want to hold the make up-down to where it is cut from and she is again wearing high heels. Here is a third option, this is called elegant coffin witch and this is a whole entire different design where you have the pleated gold in the front. It covers the legs more, this might be a little bit better for traditional old haggard witch; you could still add a broom to it. You see the sleeves are long and belled and more of a chiffon cut. And she has got a big hat on with a big buckle on the top. So there is an option for you as well and there you have it, the amazing witch transformation. I think you can see that the model that you begin with and the product that you end with is absolutely, totally transforming and amazing and most likely nobody will recognize you. And I want you to have great fun and going in and choosing out a costume that you think best compliments your make-up and dont forget as far as I am concerned at Halloween it is better to transform your face and look like somebody else than just to wear a costume. So put them both together and you will look amazing and have a great Halloween night.