Witch Halloween Makeup – Foundation Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to create witch makeup for Halloween including the second part of applying the foundation color.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: Hello! My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and we are doing a witch transformation for Halloween. The next step is to apply the foundation color. We have already applied the foundation color to the prosthetics and we have painted in some of the highlights and shadows. So now it is time to match the face to the prosthetics. So again we are going to take our non-latex sponge and we are going to swirl it in the sallow green make-up. And instead of padding on the skin, I do the long strokes because this gets the make-up on rather quickly. And once I get all the make-up on then I go back and I pad it because that brings out the skin texture.

    When you are putting on a foundation, you never really want the make-up to look thick and unnatural. You want it to look like skin and these non-latex sponges are shaped nicely. I can go right over the prosthetic and I can go right over some of the colors that I have done because we will go back and do the highlights and shadows on her face and I want to get underneath the lips and I am going to go right down on to the edges of the prosthetic and over the liquid latex that we have sealed with the castor sealer. I am also going to do the tops of their eyes.

    A little caution here, I usually ask if they wear contact lenses. But you are just a little careful implying around the eyes and you dont press too hard and these sponges are shaped in triangles so that you have a nice tip to get into this crevices, okay. I also go ahead and do the ears because you really want to try to get all with the skin tone, the same color. And then we are going to go right down on to the neck, so that the neck is also green and the face does not look like it is a mask sitting on top of a different color of skin.

    Where it is thin, you can always apply a little bit more. I have a tendency to pad around the edges of the prosthetic, so that I do not rip it up and then I go back over the whole thing and I pad it gently so that I get the skin texture to come through it. You really just want the color; you do not particularly want the thickness, good. Now that we have done that side, I am going to do the same technique to the other side and when we come back you will see her whole face done in the sallow green witch color. And here you see in the witch transformation, that we have finished this segment of putting the foundation all over Vanessas face to create a sallow green skin coloring. Next, we are going to show you how to apply the highlights and shadows to blend her face into the prosthetics.