Witch Halloween Makeup – Highlights & Shadows Part 3

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to create witch makeup for Halloween including the third part of adding highlights and shadows.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and today we are doing the witch transformation. Okay, we finished putting the shadows and the wrinkles into the left side of the face. Now I am going to take a brush with the yellow, the highlight color and I am going to just touch up some of my work. The more I put dark and light against each other the more a 3-dimensional look that I get and I am going to be blending along the way. So some of the things that I am going to be looking for, is adding some strong yellow across the top of the wrinkles here which is where the light would naturally fall. And I am going to add some strong yellow across the frown lines; I want to continue the highlight from the skin down through the nose. So I get a lot of light going there, I want to put a heavy ridge of yellow over the eyelid, highlight on the eyelid against the shadow and the crevices of the eye, makes a very old look. Look straight ahead, see how it looks more sagging like that and if she looks up I am going to paint a highlight under the eye so that I can get an eye bag look, okay. I am going to touch up a little bit of the nostril there; anywhere that I think I need a little bit more light against dark I am going to do that. And again let the make-up continue from the skin straight into the prosthetics, each of these crows feet would get a highlight over it where the light would naturally hit, okay. Even the jaw line might have a highlight on it, okay and I want to little bit highlight more on the chin and I am going to put a highlight in between these wrinkles to accentuate them and I want to blend it out, feather everything out. Then I just go along and blend, when I blend I remove all the make-up from the brushes. So I just do a little wipe with the paper towel because when you are blending you dont want to add more make-up, you just want to blend what you have actually put on. And the more I blend, the more realistic I can get the make-up to look. So I want you to think more of the wrinkles as shadows than as lines. If you think of them as shadows and you blend them as shadows, they look more realistic than if you just had painted lines. So you want to blend everything out and into each other so you create third fourth and fifth colors going basically with the two or three that you have chosen. Okay and that looks pretty good and at this point I am going to apply the same technique to the other side of the face.