Witch Halloween Makeup – Highlights & Shadows Part 4

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to create witch makeup for Halloween including the fourth part of adding highlights and shadows.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and today we are doing the witch transformation and now we will finish the highlights. Continuing with our highlights and shadows, once I get the colors on that I kind of feel and look good. I like to enhance them sometimes, in another words I like to make the shadows a little darker in some places and I like to make the highlights a little lighter. So at this point I am choosing to go with some black and some white. Now black is one of your most important colors because black outlines your work. So when you think about things that you really want to pop out at you, you use black.

    And so I am going to think about black as heavy mean eyebrows. So lets say this ridge in here is very dark and then I am going to bring her eyebrow up and change the line of it a little bit and then I am going to make it unkept and bushy. So I can put flares in that eyebrow; look up for me. And then I am going to accentuate that by lining under her eye as well, okay. Then I am going to put just a little black in the deepest ridge of that nose, I am going to put a little black in the deepest ridge of that shadow underneath the cheek. I am going to put a little black in the temple and maybe I add just a little black to push this into the prosthetic a little bit. Anywhere you want to deepen your work a little bit, you can add a darker color. This makes the wrinkles and certain spots look much deeper, you add a little to the center of the forehead. I got my paper towel; I am going to wipe all of it off my brush. But I still have black on there and I will just blend a little bit of that darkness into the forest green that I have used prior. See how it makes this look more realistic and it blends your colors even more. See how this black and the forest green create yet another color, okay. And you can use your brush to blend or you can always take your finger and give it a tap and blend what you are doing. Again, I have a clean brush while I am working, so I am not putting any more color on I am just blending what I have already got on there. I am going to really alter her eye shape with the eyebrow. At this point I am going to do the other side just like that. Okay, we finished the highlights and the shadows on both sides of the face and now what I want to do is add some blood-red to her lips. So this is going to accentuate yet another color to the face. It is going to bring a scary menacing look to the witch. I can still see some of the wrinkles through the highlight and I want to turn them down on the edges. So that, that mouth looks not quite human, a little bit unnatural. You can see where the red really pops that face, okay. So now we have completed adding all of the colors to the make-up design and now I am going to show you how to set that make-up so it will last you all night.