Witch Halloween Makeup – Highlights & Shadows

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to create witch makeup for Halloween including adding highlights and shadows.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: Hello! My name is Roger Bennett Riggle and we were doing a witch transformation for Halloween. Now we move to the highlights and shadows. I am going to show you a very easy way to make natural looking wrinkles and you want a witch to look old and haggard and wrinkly. So we are going to start with the highlight color which is the yellow that we have chosen. Again, take your ring finger and I want you to keep the finger as flat as you possibly can and swirl it into the highlight yellow make-up, okay.

    And we start at the top of the face and work down. So the first thing I want you to do is raise your eyebrows up has hard as you can, okay and see that causes wrinkle to go horizontally which means I will take the make-up and very gently pad the highlight vertically so that I can give myself a road map as to exactly where her natural wrinkles are. So that is stage one, lifting the eyebrows; I will take a little more make-up and two is to frown. So that means you bring your eyebrows together and this creates these frown lines here in the front and lots of nice wrinkles there normally, okay, good.

    Three, we are going to squint the eyes and the nose as hard as we possibly can. So here you see that the nose gets the prosthetic, nose gets wrinkled and I am going to keep my finger again flat, want them to squeeze as hard as they can and I can see some very small wrinkles coming up here around the side of the eye where the crows feet area is. And when she lets go, you can see there all the natural wrinkles falling into place.

    Next, we are going to do the nasal laviold fold. The nasal laviold fold is your smile line, so we are going to give a big smile, okay. This is step four and we are going to come down here. Now when you work with the highlights and shadows on the face and the prosthetics, pretend like the prosthetics are not there, pretend like they are part of the face. So you just keep flowing with the make-up, you dont stop with the prosthetic, you keep flowing around. And at the base of this prosthetic you can see there is a little bulge there and I am going to make a teardrop. This is going to make a jowl on the witch, good.

    The other thing I can do, you can do is to pucker. So big pucker and can you push a little bit more forward? Yeah, down a little, yeah, perfect. And you can see that she has some nice wrinkles here above the lips and you can also touch the lips and that gives you the wrinkles on the lips. So then she becomes haggard looking there, okay. I am going to use the same technique by taking the highlight yellow color and doing the other side of her face at this point.