Witch Halloween Makeup – Setting the Makeup

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional makeup artist Roger Riggle shows how to create witch makeup for Halloween including setting the make up.

    Roger Bennett Riggle: Hello! I am Roger Bennett Riggle and we are doing a witch transformation. At this point we need to powder all of the make-up that we have put on Vanessas face. So again here is the Velour powder puff and I have put down the Neutral Set on a paper towel and I am going to pick up the powder with the powder puff and not to mess up any of my work, I dont want to rub it on there. So I would really want to just pad it and so I will start at the top of the face and I am going to very lightly smack the powder into the make-up, careful not to get the make-up on the powder puff. And a little bit more powder at this point; again I want you to spread it out very evenly on the paper towel. So that the powder puff picks it up nice and evenly, okay.

    We also want to do her neck, lips, eyes, everything. This is a creamy make-up so what you are doing is covering this creamy make-up with the Neutral Set Powder, remember the Neutral Set Powder has no color, so it doesnt destroy your work. It is a wonderful powder; it also has antiperspirant in it. So it really does help your face to hold up quite well. Now if you get excess powder on the face, you can take a large face brush and gently brush it away. But if you have had a lot of experience you dont have to do that, you just come to know how much powder to put on there to set it and yet not too much to have to remove it away. Okay, we have finished the application of the prosthetics, the coloring of the prosthetics, the treatment of the prosthetics and the whole treatment on the face, blended in with the prosthetics. And at this point we are going to move on to putting on the wig and then showing you a few costumes that could go with the witch transformation.