Witch Hazel As A Year Round Plant

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master Gardener William Moss discusses the witch hazel species.

    William Moss: It's winter time in our community garden. We've already had our first snows of the season, however there are still flowers. One of my favorite blooming plants period is the witch hazel. This is the fall witch hazel, so it starts blooming late fall then goes deep into winter. Standing right next to it is the spring witch hazel that will start to bloom in late winter, so at no-point is my garden ever without flowers.

    Just a few other attributes of this plant. They have beautiful fall foliage so right before these yellow flowers open, it's covered in a beautiful golden foliage and it looks great for two to three weeks.

    In spring time they have a nice chartreuse colored leaf and then when these flowers begin to open they'll actually a little bit pass their prime now but you can see they are wide open and they are also fragrant, they are very sweet.

    When these flowers are pollinated it forms a little small nut. Now that nut stays close until around mid-fall or so when the nuts open and they actually literally shoot the seeds out. So people who are walking through the woods, the pioneers actually they would here this ping, ping, ping as they walk through the woods in the fall and they would wonder what is this be witched hazel and that name just stuck, witch hazel.

    So if you are looking for something that gives you beautiful fall foliage, also flowers going through the winter time, you can't beat witch hazel. Get out and grow!