Women’s Haircut-Prepping & Sectioning the Hair

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Christina Perry, owner of Pure Salon and Spa demonstrates how to cut hair at home including tips for a woman’s haircut.

    Christina Perry: Hi, my name is Christina Perry, owner of Pure Salon and Spa. We are taking about how to cut hair at home. Right now we are doing the women's haircut. The equipment we are using for the women's haircut are a spray bottle, scissors, a comb, and you will need four clips. Make sure you set yourself up in a kitchen or a place that does not have carpet for easier cleanup. Make sure that you leave yourself enough room that you can walk around the chair. We are going to start on wet hair. Make sure that the hair is clean and well conditioned, that way its easier to comb through. It's easier to just get the hair wet in the shower or a sink, that way you can get the hair more saturated with water. But you can use your spray bottle to wet the hair as well. The first thing you want to do is comb the hair, part the hair in the middle, and comb each side down. We are going to separate the hair into four sections. There will be two front sections and two back sections. The sections will be separated at the top of the ear. So we will go ahead and clip these sections up and out of your way. When you are separating your back two sections, you want to make sure you leave out a bottom piece, and this will become your guideline for the haircut. I section the hair into four sections. I started by parting in the middle. The front sections are cut off right at the ear. The back two sections are split in the middle as well, and we left about an inch-and-a-half at the bottom, an inch-and-a-half thick section at the bottom, so that we can start our guide. This is where we choose the length of the haircut. That is how you prepare the hair for the women's haircut. Next, I will show you how to begin the women's haircut.