Women’s Haircut-Simple Cut And Bangs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Stylist Christina Perry, owner of Pure Salon and Spa demonstrates how to cut hair at home including tips for a cutting woman’s bangs.

    Christina Perry: Hi, my name is Christina Perry, owner of Pure Salon and Spa. The tittle of this video is how to cut hair at home. Right now I am showing you how to cut a women's haircut. Once you have the hair parted and your guide section is combed down, tilt the head forward and keep it forward as you move throughout the haircut. Start in the middle of your section and hold the hair between two fingers. Stop where you want the length to be and cut off that section. Then move over to either side and cut the exact same length that you cut before. Now we have the guide length established. Comb it down and make sure that it's straight across. Now, we will pull the next section down. Unclip your back clip and comb out another section. The section does not have to be parted perfectly. Then clip up the rest of the hair. Pull down a part in this section as well, making it fairly even with the section before. Again, it does not have to be perfect. Once you have pulled down the second section, it's very important that you match that section with your original guide to make sure that the haircut is even throughout. Comb down the section between your fingers, have both sections in your hand; have the original guide section in your hand and your new section in your hand. Use your comb to flip up the second section so you can find where your original guide was. As you move along the bottom, repeat the same technique by finding your guide and then cutting to the desired length. Hold down another section, and we will repeat this process until the whole back section of the head is complete. Now the back section is complete. Now, we will cut the sides of the hair. At this point you can have the person put their head up, it does not need to be tilted forward anymore. Take the side section, and again, we are just going to take out the bottom piece just to establish your guide for the sides.

    Once we have pulled down this section, comb the hair down from where it grows, so kind of over the shoulder, and grab a piece of the back so that you can match it. Now, we will pull down our next section. Her hair is getting a little dry, so use your water bottle just to dampen the hair a little bit more. Comb this section down and cut to match your original guide. Comb down your last section on the side. In this case, her hair was layered before, so there really isn't anything to cut. As we move down to the guide section, everything is even and there is no extra pieces there that we need to cut. So now we can move on to the next side. Now we will just repeat that process that we did on the other side and finish up your haircut. That's it, we are finished with the women's haircut. I will show how to trim bangs as well, but you could be finished at this point. Now I will show how to trim her bangs. By the end of the haircut the bangs will more than likely be dry, so take your water bottle and wet them down a little bit. Once you have the bangs completely saturated, you need to separate the bangs from the rest of the hair, and clip each side back. Some people like their bangs cut straight across, but some people like a more piecey, separated look on the ends, and that's how I am going to show you right now. So take the first section in the middle and grip the hair in your fingers halfway down the bangs so that you don't cut yourself with your scissors, and cut up into the bangs, very carefully. Now I am going to do the side sections, and with the side sections you want to make sure that you tilt your fingers just a little bit sideways, so that the sides are a little bit longer than the middle. Make sure the sides are even, and that you have blended from the middle to the outer corners of the sides. Now that the bangs are finished, your women's haircut is complete. Cleanup is really easy. All you do is grab your broom and dustpan and sweep up the hair and throw it in the trashcan. It's probably best not to vacuum the hair up, that way you don't clog your vacuum. That's how to cut hair at home. Thank you for watching.