Women’s Health in Your 30s

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Beth Battaglino Cahill, Executive Director of Healthy Women offers some great tips for women in their 30s

    Beth Battaglino Cahill: Hi! I am Beth Battaglino Cahill, Executive Director of HealthyWomen. Your thirties is a time to really get to know yourself, where you are headed and what you want from life. You maybe raising kids and wearing many hats, but don't forget to take care of yourself. Here are HealthyWomen's five tips for staying healthy and looking and feeling your best in your thirties.

    Maintain a healthy weight. Not as easy to keep off the extra pounds these days. An exercise routine can help boost your metabolism which slows as you get older. Jump start your exercise routine by mixing that up. Summer is a great time to add new physical activities, outdoor or inside to boost the number of calories you are burning.

    For instance, by playing tennis for 30 minutes, you can burn 225 calories, or take your bike out for the same amount of time and shed 258 calories. Embrace the healthier diet with age-defying foods. If you have spent your twenties partying up, you might be starting to notice the effects. The good news is that it's not too late to start incorporating age-defying foods that can help you look and feel better. Vegetables and fruits that are high in vitamin C help prevent aging related skin changes. Nuts and oils with high amounts of linoleic acid provide similar defense.

    In other words, regardless of age, sun exposure or other factors, women who eat more foods that are rich in vitamin C and linoleic acid have fewer wrinkles and less skin dryness. Your healthier diet should also include heart healthy food choices that may lower your cholesterol. For instance, boost your intake of foods that are high in soluble fiber.

    Dr. Pamela M. Peeke: Why soluble fiber, because this is the kind of fiber that binds the cholesterol in the digestive track. It helps remove it from the body and that's good. Keeps that cholesterol level down in that normal range. Now where do you find soluble fiber? Easy. Wake up in the morning and have a breakfast with oatmeal. How about oatmeal bread, oat bran cereal? Throughout the day dry beans and peas, apples, bananas, and citrus fruits, you have got lots of options here.

    Beth Battaglino Cahill: Be kind to your bones. Bone loss begins at 30. So it's important to maintain strong bones by exercising regularly and maintaining the diet high in calcium. Calcium can be found in dairy products including milk, yogurt, and cheese, and also in other foods such as broccoli, tofu and leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale. Find balance in your life to sideline stress. You know the feeling. The more you do, the more it seems to have to do, as challenges now in your work, relationships, finances, and health. Sometimes in several areas of your life at once, they can easily turn from trying to overwhelming. Managing stress is important for both your physical and emotional health.

    Start by recognizing what you can and cannot control. Stress often comes from trying to control situations or people's actions that are beyond our control. Over 35, and thinking of having a baby. Has that clock of your started ticking? If so, take steps to control and manage the stress in your life before you try to get pregnant.

    There is convincing evidence that both acute stress such as losing your job and chronic stress such as hating your job can negatively affect your pregnancy and baby. So follow these tips to ensure you stay happy and healthy living life cheerful as throughout your thirties.