Work Issues for Singles During the Holidays

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Relationship expert Amy Schoen discusses how to survive the holidays as a single including work issues for singles during the holidays.

    Amy Schoen: Hi! this is Amy Schoen. We are discussing how to survive the holidays as a single. The topic we are talking about is work issues. Your work associates may consider you as being single as being available to fill in whenever possible. They have families, they need to go home too. So, "Joe, you can work extra hours, can't you?

    " So you have to be really clear about what boundaries you have set and what is important for you for the holidays and tell them, "hey, I have to go home too for the holidays. I have a family as well". As a single you have different work options. You can choose to work overtime, you can choose to work the regular hours or you may also want to take vacation just like everybody else. So you have to be clear ahead of time and make your desires known. Or perhaps you may want to take on a part time job. There are so many things you could do during the holidays to fill in your time if you have free time and to make extra money too. There are many jobs during the holidays that singles can consider to be helping out with. Of course, all the service industries need people to work whether at the retail stores hire extra help during the holidays, restaurants needing extra people during the holidays. Even like hotels could need extra people to help out with different shifts during the holidays so that their regular employees can have sometime off. As well as there is always a need for baby sitters on New Year's Eve. Singles may be view working during the holidays in different ways. One way would be to view it as a good time to catch up on paper work. So you have this time and so you could do your taxes or you may want to organize your files for the next year. So there are different perspectives on that. The other perspective is that sometimes singles get a little upset because they feel like there is a burden put on them because they are the ones manning the fort. And they think, 'why do I need to man the fort? I have every right to enjoy the holidays just like my co-workers who have families'. So being single and during a time when work needs to be done you have many options. You can either decide to work more or just the same or work little less like everybody else.